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Large Adjustable Rig Customer Combo


Large Adjustable Rig Customer Combo

16.00 LBS
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Product Description

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tip-bc-products.jpg We recommend this Combo if you barbeque the big meats in big quantities, grill more than barbeque or do not do ribs or brisket often.

What to Pick: 

  • Pick Cooking Grid: Pick the 13"x17" Oval Grid if you barbeque ribs and brisket or will eventually have sliding grids.  Pick the 16.5" Round if you grill more than barbeque or want to barbeque 4-5 pork butts.
  • Pick Spider:  Check to make sure the Spider matches your egg®'s fire ring: 3 leg for a fire ring with platesetter notches or 5 leg for old style fire rings.
  • Optional Drip Pan: The drip pan sits on the 13" Stone and helps collect dripping during the cook.

Plus, with this Combo you can:  

  • raise the 18" egg® grid above the felt line to grill;
  • grill at varying heights, including the felt line;
  • raise the 18" egg® grid above the felt line to barbeque;  
  • barbeque 4-5 pork butts on two grids;
  • barbeque 2 briskets;
  • barbeque 2 racks of ribs under a brisket or couple pork butts;
  • position a 15" pizza stone 2 inches above the felt rim;
  • reverse sear steaks;
  • Grill or smoke a Turkey at Thanksgiving;
  • access the lump without taking anything apart or handling hot ceramics;
  • add or remove the oval stone during a cook and not touch the food;
  • lift the Rig set-up out as one unit.
  • use the Spider to hold a wok;
  • use the Spider to hold a cast iron grid close to the lump. 

What's in the Combo: 

  1. Cooking Grid - Pick one: 13"x17" Oval or 16.5" Round Stainless Grid.
  2. Spider: 3 or 5 leg depending on your egg®'s fire ring.Platform.
  3. Platform:  Large Adjustable Rig with Pair Crossbars sits directly on the fire ring. The Crossbars hold items inside the Rig.
  4. Indirect Piece: 13" Round Ceramic Stone sits on the Rig Crossbars or Spider.
  5. Optional Drip Pan: You can add the 14" Stainless Drip Pan.  

Additional Accessories to consider: 

  • Stones: 15" or 16" Half Stone to create half direct & indirect with 18" egg® grid atop the Rig;  
  • Grids: 9x18 Half Grid to create a 1/1/2 grid set-up, grill veggies up top while searing steaks below.  
  • Rig Extender with 16" Sliding D Grid: Adds a new grilling dimension to the Rig;
  • Rig Extender with 13x17 Oval Grid: Adds a new barbeque dimension to the Rig;
  • 13"x17" Oval Stone and Large Slide Guide or R&B Combo, pick 13x17 oval grid;
  • 16" wok
  • 16" Stainless Drip Pan. 

Fabricated using Stainless steel components. Made in the USA exclusively by/for CGS.


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