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Ceramic Grill Store

Vision™ Grills

The grill photos above are links to detailed information on our racking systems for the following Vision™ Grills:

  • The new XL Series Vision™ Grill - Limited products.
  • The Classic B and Professional C & S Series Vision™ Grills for years 2014 - 2015.  These Vision™ Grills are sold through Costco, Home Depot, Sams Club and other hardware retailers.  
  • The Classic M Series Vision™ Grill for years 2014 - 2015.  The Classic M Series Vision™ Grill is sold through Sams Club and other hardware dealers. 

Ceramic Grill Store fabricates custom grill racks for Vision™ Grills.  Our racks fit inside the grills and expand your capabilities.  Our Vision™ Grill accessories make cooking fun and effortless.  Check online and you’ll find Ceramic Grill Store products are routinely recommended by Vision™ Grill owners.  We started fabricating ceramic grill accessories over a decade ago and have products worldwide!

Our most popular Vision™ Grill accessories are the Woo Ring, Adjustable Rig and Spider.  Why the unique names?  The Woo is named after the first Woo Ring owner.  Adjustable Rig because it has multiple levels.  The Spider as it was the first thing that came to mind after welding one together.

The Woo Ring (Woo) provides a quick & effective way to raise the Vision™ Grill cooking grid to the felt line.  To grill, simply place the Woo on the Vision’s™ fire bowl, set the cooking grid and add the food.  To barbeque, add a heat deflector on the Woo's lower ring.

The Adjustable Rig (Rig) offers the greatest flexibility and capacity in the Vision™ Grills.  The Rig is a "multi-level” platform that positions grids, stones, pans and such so you can grill, barbeque, bake (pizza) on one or more levels.  Like the Woo, the Rig sits on the fire bowl and lifts in & out as one unit.  The Adjustable Rig is the premier racking system for Vision™ B Series, C Series and S Series Grills.

The Spider drops inside the Vision™ Grill’s fire bowl and creates a platform close to the lump.  It's a popular spot to sear on a grid, wok Asian style or set-up indirect with a ceramic stone for big cooks.  The Spider can be inverted (up) for specialty cooks.  For the B Series, C Series and S Series Vision™ Grills, the Spider is welded to the Adjustable Rig.

Click the Vision™ Grill sizes above to learn more.  Not all accessories are available for each Vision™ Grill.  Size is a determining factor.

Ceramic Grill Store is not affiliated with Vision™ Grills.  Your interest in our Vision™ Grill custom fabricated accessories is sincerely appreciated, thank you.